Kid Management

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Kid Management:

This is the key to determine the future of the farm. Malpractise includes of depriving the kid of the mothers milk for immediate profit with the sale of milk. This practise is discouraged for breeder of pureline breeds and Eid breeders looking for large animals. It is however practiced by farmers who intent to sell their goats at 3-4 months.

The kid should be well fed with mothers milk, and milk from other damns if the mothers milk is not sifficient. This should be till 3months when you start introducing other feeds. Make sure not to over feeding as that may result in mortality and diseases.

The kid should be kept with the mother for the first 7 days in a close pen so they recognize each other in a flock. The kid should be fed with increasing amount of concentrates every month based on its body weight. Rule of thumb is 2.5% of body weight a day of concentrates, green and dry feed.

Please NOTE: the mortality is highest of kids from 0-3 months and pnemonia, cold shocks and dieriary are some of the most common reasons. So its advisable to play your kidding cycle around the months so most of the kidding occur before or after the cold months. If not, provide with head lamps and adequate shelter.