0:37 - Intensive Goat Farming (Research, Expert Advice & Experience)
This probably is the richest documentary in content produced for goat farming projects in Asia. In this documentary that has taken me 5 years in making, I share my experience and guidance of experts. I visit all the government research institutes in India, the traders in Afghanistan and goat breeders in Thailand and much more...
What is a better way to manage commercial goat farm in India?  How do farmers manage to supply meat amidst tough conditions in Afghanistan or turn a profitable dairy venture in Thailand? What do the experts & scientist that have studied various goat breeds, feed and environment have to say about the right mix to a successful goat farm?
Akbar Khan Qureshi, owner Qureshi Farm www.qureshifarm.com shares his experience on starting and growing the goat farm. Summary on commercial goat farming from the basic structure of details required for the shed indoor and outdoor, feed storage block, cultivation of feed, making of silage pit and silage. Daily Farm Management activities to be performed from cleaning, feeding and cultivating. The type of feed to be used, Dry Feed, GreenFeed, and Silage. We further introduce our breeds the Majestic Jamnapari Goat and the Single color Sirohi Goats, best crossed with Bore, Jhakrana Dairy breed, Barbari breed and the Eid Bucks. Kid management shows milk-feeding, the introduction of concentrates and minerals to kids. Video prepared by Akbar K Qureshi from Qureshi Farm, Fatehpur, District Sikar, Rajasthan, INDIA as an initiative to "Empower" rural India.
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