How to start a goat farm? Should I get into Dairy or Meat Goat Farming? What are the tips? How to manage a goat farm? What are the shed requirements? Infrastructure requirements?  Which breed is best for me? Etc.
The video is a complete guide for starting or managing a goat farm with field trips, expert advice, and experience. You may click on the timestamp to skip to the chapter of interest to you.
RESEARCH (Field Trips) 
2:12 - Prujampa Goat Farm (Dairy Farm)
6:19 - Karre Vakeel, Kabul (Meat Business)
6:51 - Afghan Goat Breed & Prices (Meat Business)
8:43 - Kabul Meat Market (Meat Business)
10:00 - Tour of Central Sheep Breeding Farm, Hisar, Haryana
17:00 - Tour of Central Arid Zone Research Institute, Johdpur
19:26 - Visit a Commercial Goat farm and goat breeds of Rajasthan
21:52 - Tour of the largest goat research institute in India, CIRG
24:58 - Tour of pioneers of exotic breed, Boer in India
28:20 - Watch how we implemented our research at Qureshi Farm
--On becoming a successful Goat Farmer--
23:25 - Importance of Genetics and Environment (Scientist)
25:22 - Breed Development (Advance)
27:19 - Importance of Genetics and Environment (Pioneer Breeders)
12:42 - Deworming
14:56 - Vaccination schedule of goat?
11:21 - Feed to cultivate? (CSBF, Haryana)
14:18 - Lower the feed cost & make mineral mixtures (CSBF, Hisar)
18:00 - Cultivating of feed in Rajasthan (CAZRI, Rajasthan)
29:22 - Tips on cultivation and introducing new feed (QF, Fatehpur)
--Goat Milk--
2:36 - Feed (Dairy Farm, Prujampa Goat Farm, Thailand)
3:43 - Milk Processing Procedure
10:23 - Benefits of Goat Milk?
--Infrastructure Ideas--
2:52 - Dairy Farm, Thailand
17:05 - CAZRI, Rajasthan
19:26 - Commercial Farm, Rajasthan
22:26 - CIRG, Uttar Pradesh
30:20 - Qureshi Farm, Rajasthan
28:25 - Thank people behind the scene
30:40 - Providing the right environment
33:17 - Superior Genetics (Goats)
CHAPTER 1 - Introduction 0:10
This is the richest documentary produced for goat farming in Asia. The documentary that has taken 5 years in making, I share my experience and guidance of experts. Watch me visit the government research institutes in India, livestock traders in Afghanistan and goat breeders in Thailand and more...
CHAPTER 2 - Prujampa Goat Farm in Phuket, Thailand 2:12
Discover the feed formula, infrastructure, breeding stock and the milk processing procedure from the strain, pasteurize with proper cold storage in sanitized container to bottling and sales.
CHAPTER 3 - Meat Business 4:15
We visit Paghman, Karre Vakeel and one of the largest meat markets in the Afghanistan, the Kabul Meat Market. We reveal the secret on how without electricity the goat meat has a shelf life of 20 days and a winning combination.
CHAPTER 4 - Expert Advice from Central Sheep Breeding Farm, Haryana 10:00 
We first met with Dr. Jai Singh Punia (Vet Surgeon) and discussed health and commercial benefits of goat milk.
Watch the director, Dr. A.K.Malhotra advice on the cultivation of feed for goat rearing, deworming, lowering feed cost to making our own mineral mixture and vaccination schedules.
A great in-depth discussion for every Goat farmer!
CHAPTER 5 - Expert Advice from Central Arid Zone Research Institue in Jodhpur, Rajasthan 17:00
Get tips on low-cost infrastructure-shed, sheep breeds like Marwari, goat breeds like Marwari, Prabatsari Sirohi. Concentrate feed block,  factory, grass grown like Sevan grass and high in biomass Daman grass (both white and black) and Kejri trees.
CHAPTER 6 - Goat Breeds of Rajasthan 19:26
Visit a commercial goat farm in Rajasthan that houses all the Rajasthan goat breeds like Sirohi, Sojat, Totapari, Kota and more.
CHAPTER 7 - Expert Advice from Central Institute of Research on Goats in Makhdum in Uttar Pradesh 21:52
This is the biggest institute on goat research in the country and they have the most number of the endangered Jamunapari goats.
Dr. S.K.Singh who has been researching on goats and related subjects for more than two decades. And reveals the formula to be a successful goat farmer.
CHAPTER 8 - Breed Development 24:58
Nimbkar farm boost 200 purebred Boer Does and Bucks. Watch how they transformed 15 embryos to becoming one of the biggest suppliers of exotic breed in India and their advice to new farmers.
CHAPTER 9 - Experience by Qureshi Farm 28:20
In this video watch, how we manage the environment as our farm and the best goat farming practices carried out at Qureshi Farm. 
Akbar Khan Qureshi, owner Qureshi Farm www.qureshifarm.com shares his experience on starting and growing the goat farm. Video prepared by Akbar K Qureshi from Qureshi Farm, Fatehpur, District Sikar, Rajasthan, INDIA as an initiative to "Empower" rural India.
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