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Goats are natural grazers and would never stop eating as long as fed in intervals. It is upto you to prepare an economical chart based on the region of your goat farm. It is a given the lower the cost the higher the profit. This does not mean to starve the animal. It is important to know the formula that works for you. In other words, the FCR.

Food Conversion Ratio or FCR is the amount of food intake taken in by the animal and the weight gained. E.g. The goat eats 2 kgs of concentrates, 2 kgs of dry and green in a day. As the green is cultivated, the feed is costing the breeder INR 10/Day per goat for the concentrates. Taking the monthly spend to INR 300/goat. The local price of Meat is INR 300. We take 50% of live body weight to  meat weight thus if the weight gain is 2 Kgs in a month we break even, anything less is loss and more is profit.

Monitoring monthly weight is the key to determine which feed is working for you.

There are many concentrate formulas out there based on age but we recommend you keep a rule of thumb of 3% of the body weight as concentrates and the same for green feed.