Powerful performers equal profit … Each buck is a proven sire in their own right who consistently pass their exceptional traits on to their progeny. From the immaculate breeding credentials, through to constant ability to produce beautiful, healthy and correct kids, whether male…View All


QF 115

Sirohi Boer

1 Yrs, 39 Kg.

Price: rupee 15,600


QF 114

Sirohi Bucks

QF 114, 35 Kg.

Price: rupee 10,500


QF 113

Junior Beetal

1 Yrs, 40 Kg.

Price: rupee 12,000

Staying ahead … Fertility of our Goats is not in doubt. Our breeding nucleus is proven to have excellent fertility and reliable mothering abilities. Our policy is to maintain the strengths we already have, while selectively infusing new bloodlines complementary to our breeding…View All


QF 304

White Dams

2 Yrs, 30 Kg.

Price: rupee 9,000


QF 303


1 - 2 Yrs, 23 Kg.

Price: rupee 46,000


QF 302


2 Yrs, 35 Kg.

Price: rupee 10,150

Best goats of best breeds specially domesticated and maintained lovably for the festival of sacrifices and devotion to Allah on Bakra Eid. The rates are set on per/Kg basis to avoid a hassle free and no bargain deal. To offer a Qurbani for every one we have a wide selection ranging…View All

75 Kg+


75 Kg+

1 Y+, 75 Kg.

Price: rupee 41,250

50 Kg+…


50 Kg+

1-2 Y, 50 Kg.

Price: rupee 20,000

Up to…


Up to 49Kg

1 Year, 40 Kg.

Price: rupee 11,200

Probably one of the most famous section of our farm. Every kidding season, offsprings of superior sires and dams with strong pedigree go on sale. Advance booking is a must to avoid disappointment. The kids include pureline kids, hybrid goats and exotic goats.View All


QF new dams

Jamunapari & Sojat

0-6 M, 15 Kg.

Price: rupee 7,500


QF new

Sirohi & Beetal

QF new, 15 Kg.

Price: rupee 6,750

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